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How Did Carson Parts Happen?

Working in construction for over 30 years, I have seen firsthand how brand-name products with good reusable parts can be discarded from a remodel. After receiving permission from clients, I started collecting and disassembling these good parts and storing them at my shop. One day, I was looking at all these parts and came up with the idea of listing them for reselling on a popular e-commerce website. After several successful years selling these parts, I started noticing customers sending in emails asking why I did not have a website of my own. I knew from my years owning my own business, that one of the most important things I have learned is,

"Always listen to your customer"

of course, as always, they're right! So after many hours of hard work and many sacrifices, here it is

So where do our parts come from

I built a large network between Home Owners, Property Managers, Business Owners, and Landlords to donate their products to Carson Parts. 

How do I process my parts? 

As products are donated, they are disassembled for parts, the parts are then inspected by a technician, tested, cleaned, and then sanitized. We then scan & place the parts into an inventory to be listed on our website. Only the best parts are refurbished. There are always parts that are near their life expectancy and it's simply time to recycle them. Sometimes when a product is donated in its original package it will be listed without disassembling. 

        The best part of our business is doing
         our part on keeping this planet of ours cleaner.


If you have any questions please email us at

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