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The safety of our customers and our staff is of the utmost importance to us, and our thoughts are with everyone directly affected by COVID-19. We understand things are volatile and challenging right now and have been taking extreme steps here at our place of business to continue to get vital parts to our customers. We are an essential business but we still recognize that in order to maintain the safety of our customers and staff, it is important for us to take every precaution to avoid contributing to the spread of COVID-19. We have taken the following actions, effective until further notice.


  • Donated parts are sanitized and sterilized at recieving area and once again before shipping.

  • It is mandatory for all employees to wear a mask and latex gloves at all times.

  • Sanitizer is supplied by Carson Parts for all employees

  • All staff has received a safety class on the handling parts.

  • Extra steps have been taking in the warehouse on sanitizing and disinfecting all parts.

  • All returns are recycled or discarded.

  • The warehouse is open and following all safety rules on handling parts.

  • Our parts and packaging are handled with care in processing, and according to the CDC, mail packages are a low risk for the transmission of COVID-19 because of poor survivability of coronaviruses on mail package surfaces. However, for those that are in a high-risk category or are concerned, guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting various surfaces are available from the CDC.


Thank you to everyone during this unprecedented time. We are extremely grateful for your patience and support. We wish for a speedy resolution to the COVID-19 outbreak and hope you and your family stay safe and look forward to servicing your needs from the safety of your home and into the future.

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